Graphic Design

Marketing materials, logos and graphics services
Make your brand logo and graphic design a “love at first sight” to your customers because first impression really lasts. Virtual Bears creates a unique identity of your business which conveys your brand personality and making it instantly recognizable and be remembered by your customers.
Our team ensures our designs can make an impactful difference to the market by giving professionally designed materials with new concepts, style using various techniques to make your business site/promotionals a powerful advertising tool that sets apart from competitors
We offer:
  • Typography
  • Page layout
  • Determining the scope of a project
  • Strategies to reach a particular audience
  • Image production to identify a product
  • Graphics and visual or audio images development
  • Designs created either by hand or by using computer software packages
  • Presentation of designs to clients
  • Client input in design
  • Reviews for errors before printing or publishing