Does Blog Commenting Really Help SEO?

What is Blog Commenting?

Blog commenting is known as the interconnection of the bloggers, blog readers, and the blog itself. It is a wide communication where you can share and exchange your thoughts and ideas on a specific blog or topic. Blog commenting is the action done by the blog readers, visitors, and blog viewers. They can freely ask questions about anything or just share the same experiences and events in a particular idea. Somehow,  viewers can simply leave a comment on a blog post to show that they appreciated or not whatever the post is.

Is it really important?

Blog comments are also important to generate a lot of traffic and backlinks to your website. Blog comment it is important, but the blog comments are more important. Whenever a blog gets many comments, it may become popular and viral which can lead to more comments and shares. Also, it can build a good relationship with the author and the user but not always. Sometimes, blogs get many bazaars and negative comments, but still, the more you get, the more traffics and backlinks you get on your website.

Do Blogs Help SEO?

Yes, it is. It helps little by little. By posting blogs regularly and with the help of blog comments, blog postings became a very big help. It can make a very huge difference in the performance of your website on the search engines.

5 Reasons Why Blogging Helps SEO

  • Regular Update

If your website is inactive for years, its outdated information can’t be used by any search engines. You’ll lose its trust literally. But if your website is updated regularly, your website may perform well. Regular posts are highly suggested such as blogging because it is a signal to the search engines that it is alive and offers fresh contents.

  • Make Daily Blogs

Daily blogs are also important to gain many blog readers and viewers. It is a great help to your website if you have many visitors. They have the tendency to comment daily on your blogs and somehow you can gain popularity. The priority of the search engines is to provide the people looking for the information they need, who uses the engines to perform researches. If a person clicks on the first result of his research, then go back if they find it unhelpful, this is a signal to the search engines that, that website is unhelpful, but if a person stays on that particular website for a while, the search engines will find that website active and very helpful. The tip is, make daily blogs very helpful and somehow informative.

  • Blog: Doorway For Internal Linking

Some of the SEO mistakes are those who fail or forget to include their internal links on your page. If you have good internal linking to your website, and once you started daily posts and blogging, the opportunities will come. Adding more pages with related topics, more opportunities too, because those pages are naturally linked to each other.

  • Nice Blogs Get Likes From Other Sites

Quality blog sites give other sites a reason to link back your site. If you have nice blogs and posts on your website, more and more readers and bloggers can get into it. Those internal links are important, but to have external links are pretty much harder. When writing a blog, you’re making good blogs such as informative and friendly. If other websites find your blogs very helpful to their readers, then your website is worth linking to.

  • Making Blogs Build Relationship To Your Audience

When you have that one blog that is worth reading, you gain visitors. If your blog readers loved your blog, they’ll come back to your site every day to check for upcoming blogs from you. They can totally share and refer your site or blogs and you may get many blog readers. Blog readers and viewers may have the tendency to sign up on your email and repeat coming to your site every day. When you get lots of traffic, it shows the search engines that people love your site and raises your authority level in their algorithm.

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